I am a third year PhD student based at the Information School at the University of Sheffield. My doctoral project is a connective ethnography of how researchers and library staff perceive different kinds of infrastructure for sharing research - and the sociological aspects of these socio-technical systems. Essentially, Academia.edu and ResearchGate and other external tools vs the systems the universities provide for their researchers. I'm using these systems to look at issues around digital labour in academia, experiences of time, flows of data/money/power and the governance of the commons.

Academic librarians know that only a fraction of the outputs of the university are captured by institutional systems and are frustrated that researchers share their outputs and information about them elsewhere or not at all. This study aims to describe researcher and librarian perceptions and experiences of the infrastructures used to manage and share research information and research outputs outside of the formal academic publishing system. The literature review explores the relational aspects of socio-technical infrastructures and issues around the knowledge commons, the academic library’s role in assisting researchers, data flows, academic social networking services and governance in research support.  The project uses connective ethnography to bring together semi-structured interviews, memos, field notes, visual workflow mapping, poetic transcription, document analysis, online participant observation and mapping of use of digital tools and spaces.

I was awarded a fees-based scholarship by the Social Sciences faculty and the Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust have awarded me a small bursary for the duration of my studies. I teach, work as a research associate and freelance (writing/art/audio production) in order to pay the bills.

My research interests have moved on since my PhD began, so I'm currently juggling the new work with finishing my thesis.


Previous qualifications:

  • MSc Digital Library Management (Distinction), University of Sheffield

  • BSc Information and Communication Technologies, The Open University